A new round at the NextUp event! NextUP offers shoppers collectible sets to trade, gift or keep all for themselves! The event runs from the 7th to the last day of every month. Mark this one your calendar! Here is your taxi: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/BellaTECH Productions/172/112/26

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The NextUp event runs from from December 7th to the 30th 2023.
LM: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/BellaTECH%20Productions/172/112/26

Some items showcased in this picture are from the NextUp event as follows:

Why Not Ferness Christmas Tree
Why Not Ferness Gift Boxes
Why Not Ferness Festive
Why Not Ferness Mantel Garland
Why Not Ferness Candelabra
Why Not Ferness Silver Deer Statue 1& Why Not Ferness Silver Deer Statue 2
Why Not Ferness Happy Holiday Mantel Decor
Why Not Ferness Wall Clock
Why Not Ferness Tripple Candle Glasses
Why Not Ferness Hot Choc & Cookie Table Set
Why Not Ferness Fireplace
Why Not Ferness Tinsel Tangle Wall Plaque
Why Not Ferness Ottoman
Why Not Ferness Coffee Table
Why Not Ferness Rug
Why Not Ferness Sphere Floor Decor
Why Not Ferness Festive
Why Not Ferness Sofa White
Why Not Ferness Three Deer Wall Plaque
Why Not Ferness Rattan Chair
Why Not Ferness Sofa Blue

01. FLEX Super Powers Superman RARE

Floofy Onsie (Legacy F) – Willow Pup – Biscuit

BoWillow – GingerBread – Hold Hand

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Other information, items/accessories in picture (not at event):

DOUX – Lulu

Le Forme M07 Bento Nails Noir

JIAN Classic Shelties // Sleeping Sheltie
JIAN Curious Kitties :: Clinger Bwn Tabby

Mellow / Hoop Earring
Vibing — Ivy — Regular ears

~TBR~ Storytime Reader – ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas
{what next} Christmas Stocking – Gold
{what next} Christmas Stocking – Quilted
~ASW~ The Holiday Dessert Table Cupcakes

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For more information about The NextUp event or other events by BellaTECH please visit: https://bellatechnation.com or join their Flickr group at https://www.flickr.com/groups/14697796@N20/


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