BellaTECH Nation: group rules

The BellaTECH Nation is a social group open to everyone in the Second Life Metaverse! Join our community to socialize and make friends, find out about our latest events, get invites to the best parties, participate in contests, game nights, giveaways and so much more!! If you are interested in joining our group then first please take a moment to read over our chat rules below.

  • We have a ZERO tolerance policy for abuse towards our Staff, Creators, Events, or Community Members.
  • This group may NOT be used to threaten, abuse, put down, insult, or otherwise defame others.
  • We DO NOT allow negativity. If you have an issue handle it person to person.
  • NO self-promotion. You may not share links to other non-BellaTECH events, groups, blogs, resale locations, stores, etc. If you have something you would like to promote to our community please contact Starlet Whimsy

If you need to report an issue or ask a question please contact one of our friendly Moderators:

If you need to speak to an Owner please contact Starlet Whimsy or Ex0dus Montagne

Now that you have read the rules are you ready to join? Then CLICK HERE!