The BellaTECH Nation stands as a prominent hub for events and lifestyle blogging, dedicated to delivering captivating, entertaining, and informative posts to the vibrant Second Life community. With an impressive weekly viewership of over 175,000 page views, we proudly rank among the Metaverse’s most sought-after blogs!

If you possess a passion for the written word, a penchant for photography, and an eagerness to connect with an engaged audience to showcase your creativity, we invite you to peruse the details below and complete our application form. Your journey into the world of Second Life blogging awaits!

BellaTECH Blogger’s Guide

General Requirements
  • Official Bloggers are given access to the NextUP Blogger room to pick items for their posts. Bloggers should only take what they will feature.
  • We monitor logs and will not re-invite bloggers who don’t cover the items they take.
  • Bloggers must submit at least 3 new posts each month to remain active, unless other arrangements are made.
  • Each post must showcase at least 2 items from the current round. Include a list with the Brand and Name of these items, plus a link to the event and shopping guide, at the end of your post.
  • All posts must contain original content. Posting plagiarized content will result in removal from the website.
  • No explicit or pornographic content, including images of genitalia or sexual acts.
Posting Requirements
  • Bloggers must publish their posts on our website to meet their minimum posting requirements.
  • Bloggers are required to join the BellaTECH Nation Flickr Group and add their blog-related posts to this group.
  • If bloggers post the same content on other platforms, they should include a link back to at the end of these posts.
Schedule Requirements
  • Access to the blogger room begins on the 7th of each month.
  • Submit the first blog by the 14th, the second by the 21st, and the third by the 28th of each month.
  • Posts submitted after these dates won’t count towards the monthly minimum.