BellaTECH Creator Coverage Request

Active BellaTECH Creators can now list their main store releases, gifts and sales on the blog absolutely free of charge! Submissions will be posted on the regular blog as well as featured on the “BellaTECH Creator Updates” section located of the homepage.

We hope this additional coverage will help the Creators we work with increase both their brand recognition and in store sales! To qualify for this feature you must have participated in at least one round of one of our events in the past 3 months.

Requests will be reviewed and added to the blog within 72 hours of submission.

Creator Resources

NextUP Events offer shoppers the chance to purchase transferrable items from themed sets that can be added to their personal collections, traded, or gifted to friends and family. There are currently 6 different NextUP events with 5 of them being themed and running only once per year and one quarterly open themed event.

The Designer Outlet is a monthly discount event that offers shoppers the chance to purchase items from their favorite Creators at 50% off the normal price. Creators are given booth space at the event and are able to add both new and old releases at their discretion. The opens on the 7th of every month and ends on the 28th.

The Secret Sale is a weekly HUD based discount event that offers shoppers the chance to purchase items marked down to L$50 or L$99. This is a mainstore event designed to help increase both sales and in store traffic. Creators are welcomed to list both new and old releases. The event runs Saturday, Sunday and Monday every week.