About Us

Since 2006, BellaTECH has been a leader in merging beauty and technology seamlessly within the metaverse. We’re dedicated to excellence, creating outstanding products, organizing engaging events, and offering immersive experiences for our diverse community. Our team, made up of skilled creators, coders, and organizers, collaborates to bring imaginative concepts to life with precision and a keen eye for detail.

Over the past two decades, BellaTECH has facilitated over 12 million virtual transactions, building a loyal customer base of over 79,000 unique Second Life residents. The heart of our community is the BellaTECH Creators group, with over 350 talented 3D creators joining forces for various events and projects, adding their expertise to our diverse offerings.

We proudly manage a diverse range of brands, including Bella Pointe, NextUP, Secret Sale, Fanshii, and others. This variety makes us a dynamic presence, catering to a broad audience in the metaverse and solidifying our role as a key player.

Our impact goes beyond virtual borders, with BellaTECH leading the way in the virtual landscape. Our active collaboration with creators and the successful management of diverse brands showcases our leadership and innovation. We’re not just a company; we’re a dynamic force shaping the future of virtual experiences.

As we continue, dedication, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to excellence guide our success. We invite potential collaborators and partners to join us in this exciting journey, where limitless possibilities await in the ever evolving metaverse.

For inquiries or partnership opportunities, feel free to reach out. Your involvement is crucial to our continued success and growth at BellaTECH. Thank you for considering us as a strategic partner in your metaverse endeavours. Let’s redefine virtual experiences together!