Just in time for the holidays! Bella Pointe is proud to announce our new Four Seasons Skydome! The new Four Seasons model is our most advanced, most detailed skydome to date with all new custom mesh, textures and plants found no where else! 

  • Our Four Seasons skydomes have 12 seasonally themed options included
  • Land includes 9 texture options plus the ability to add your own custom texture
  • Rocks include 6 texture options plus the ability to add your own custom texture
  • The sky has day, sunset, night and stormy sky settings included
  • Plants and trees can be hidden all at once or trees can be removed individually
  • Jet skis, floats and a swim HUD included to make the water in the lagoon usable
  • Included TV offers hundreds of free channels featuring shows and movies

Size, Prims & Pricing

  • Large Skydomes: 47,143sqm – L$1699/wk – 2300 Prims (2000 available to use)
  • Medium Skydomes: 24,052sqm – L$1199/wk – 1600 Prims (1400 available to use)
  • Small Skydomes: 11,309sqm – L$699/wk – 950 Prims (800 available to use)

Current Residents

If you would like to upgrade to the new Four Seasons skydomes please submit a support ticket and we will be happy to upgrade your current location free of charge. Please be aware that the prims and price per week in these new models do vary from our older models and your price/prims will be adjusted accordingly. Please also note that the new layout is not the same as any of our previous models so you will more than likely need to adjust your home and belongings after the upgrade has been completed. We will upgrade your home to the new theme within 48 hours of receiving the request. 

To help ensure that our staff is able to keep up with the demand for upgrades we will staggering the release of the skydomes. Our large Four Season Skydomes are launching today and the new medium will be releasing the 30th of September and the small on the 7th of October! Due to the higher prim count required to create these new domes we will not be offering them in petite sizes.



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