A new round at the NextUp event! NextUP offers shoppers collectible sets to trade, gift or keep all for themselves! The event runs from the 7th to the last day of every month. Mark this one your calendar! Here is your taxi: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/BellaTECH Productions/172/112/26

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The NextUp event runs from from May 7th to the 30th 2023.
LM: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/BellaTECH%20Productions/172/112/26

Some items showcased in this picture are from the NextUp event as follows:

-[GIULIADESIGN]-Dark Fantasy Roses-
belt-[GIULIADESIGN]-Dark Fantasy Roses-
Blindfold Roses-[GIULIADESIGN]-Dark Fantasy
bolero flowers-[GIULIADESIGN]-Dark Fantasy Roses-
Brooch-[GIULIADESIGN]-Dark Fantasy Roses-
Collar Unrigged-[GIULIADESIGN]-Dark Fantasy Roses-
Dark Narcissus-[GIULIADESIGN]-Dark Fantasy Roses-
Dress -[GIULIADESIGN]-Dark Fantasy Roses-
FUR1-[GIULIADESIGN]-Dark Fantasy Roses-
FUR2-[GIULIADESIGN]-Dark Fantasy Roses-
Hair-[GIULIADESIGN]-Dark Fantasy Roses-
Headpiece-[GIULIADESIGN]-Dark Fantasy Roses-
Headpiece-[GIULIADESIGN]-Dark Fantasy Roses- 1
Mask-[GIULIADESIGN]-Dark Fantasy Roses-
Petal Collar-[GIULIADESIGN]-Dark Fantasy Roses-
Sleeves –[GIULIADESIGN]-Dark Fantasy Roses-
Wings-[GIULIADESIGN]-Dark Fantasy Roses-

3rd Eye
5_ Tide Pool Decanter MB_3rd Eye

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For more information about The NextUp event or other events by BellaTECH please visit: https://bellatechnation.com or join their Flickr group at https://www.flickr.com/groups/14697796@N20/


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