Secret Sale is a HUD-based discount event that provides creators with an opportunity to showcase their items to thousands every week. During the event, artists offer their creations for L$99 or less.

The standout feature of Secret Sale is its dual impact – not only does it bolster sales of the featured items, but it also drives traffic to in-world stores, resulting in increased overall sales. With a consistent weekly schedule, Secret Sale offers a valuable platform for creators to gain exposure and cultivate a diverse and engaged audience.

Beyond the creative aspect, Secret Sale is known for its capacity to convert passion into profit. Smaller creators typically earn an average of L$14,000 per round, while more established brands often achieve impressive earnings of L$75,000 or more. It’s a profitable platform suitable for creators of all sizes. It’s a chance to let your creativity shine and your brand flourish, all while enhancing in-world store traffic and overall sales!

Secret Sale Creator’s Guide

Event Schedule
  • The event runs weekly Saturday – Monday, providing creators with a consistent weekly platform.
  • Event setup opens every Wednesday and ends on Thursday at 11:59 pm SLT.
  • There are no refunds offered if Creators miss the deadline.
  • Secret Sale opens to the public on Saturday at 12 am SLT and runs until Monday at 11:59 am SLT
Item Requirements
  • Secret Sale items should be Yes Copy/No Transfer.
  • Items should not be repeated more than once every 3 months.
  • Items listed with the event must have a normal sales price of L$150 or higher.
  • Items may not be XXX or pornographic. While furniture featuring adult animations is permitted, no genitalia or explicit sex acts should be shown in any submitted images.
Image Requirements
  • Submit images in either PNG or JPG format; TGA format photos are not compatible with browsers.
  • Ensure images are sent in at 1024 x 1024 dimensions; any other dimensions will be auto-reformatted and compressed, potentially reducing image quality.
  • Images must adhere to content guidelines; no XXX or pornographic material allowed, and submissions should refrain from displaying genitalia or explicit sex acts.
Store Setup
  • Please note that you are allowed to advertise a maximum of 8 items through Secret Sale each week.
  • To participate in the event, you must use the vendor sync scripts provided by the event organizers; these are mandatory for participation.

  • Your store displays must be clearly visible and easily accessible to shoppers. Each display should include the following components:

    Vendor Sync script added to each vendor
    Secret Sale HUD Dispenser
    Secret Sale Landing Pad (in front of vendors)

Event Pricing
  • Event participation fee: L$2500, per weekend.
  • Participation fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable. 
  • Those wishing to sponsor must purchase a spot first and apply for a Sponsor spot after. If selected there is a L$1000 per week Sponsor Upgrade fee paid.