NextUP offers creators  a special chance to unleash their creativity. This event encourages the design of unique collectibles and sets, allowing artists to explore new ideas that may not be possible in traditional in-store releases. It’s a flexible way for creators to expand their brand in exciting ways.

With thousands of visitors each month, NextUP provides excellent exposure, helping creators build a diverse audience. Beyond creativity, NextUP stands out for its potential to turn passion into profit. Smaller brands typically earn over L$25,000 per round, while more established brands often make L$150,000 or more. It’s a lucrative platform for creators of all sizes. The easy setup and lack of strict themes make it a welcoming place for creative freedom.

Joining NextUP is an opportunity to redefine your artistic journey, share your story, and turn your passion into a successful venture. It’s a chance to let your creativity shine and your brand thrive.

NextUP Creator’s Guide

Event Schedule
  • The event runs until the end of the month, providing creators with a consistent monthly platform.
  • Event setup begins on the 3rd of each month at 12 pm SLT and ends on the 6th at 12 pm SLT.
  • There are no refunds offered if Creators miss the deadline.
  • NextUP opens to the public on the 7th of every month at 12 pm SLT and runs through the month.
Item Requirements
  • NextUP items should be No Copy/Yes Transfer.
  • Fatpack items should be Yes Copy/No Transfer.
  • Items released at the event must remain exclusive until the round concludess unless they are prexisting, discounted, sets. 
  • Each item must be boxed, including both the item and ad image in the packaging.
  • Individual vendors for separate body types are not available at the event; please ensure all body types are packaged together.
  • Items may not be XXX or pornographic. While furniture featuring adult animations is permitted, no genitalia or explicit sex acts should be shown in any submitted images.
Naming Requirements
  • Items for the event must be packaged in boxes and named according to the following format:
  • For instance:
    • Example: 01. RARE – Spider Witch – Dress Black – Fashii
    • Example: 01.  Spider Witch – Dress Red – Fanshii
  • If an item is intended to be classified as rare, prefix the box name with RARE after the number as shown above. Ultra-rare items are not permitted at the event.
  • Item names should be limited to 32 characters or fewer, including spaces. Any name exceeding this limit will not be displayed on the machine.
Image Requirements
  • Clearly label images with the assigned number corresponding to each item during the boxing process.
  • Submit images in either PNG or JPG format; TGA format photos are not compatible with browsers.
  • Ensure images are sent in at 1024 x 1024 dimensions; any other dimensions will be auto-reformatted and compressed, potentially reducing image quality.
  • Images must adhere to content guidelines; no XXX or pornographic material allowed, and submissions should refrain from displaying genitalia or explicit sex acts.
  • Refer to the provided example image as a guide.

Booth Setup
  • Avoid using model bots, as they occupy space and hinder genuine shoppers from entering the region during busy periods.
  • Creators are restricted to adding only their images to the vendors; no other modifications, such as resizing or reshaping, are allowed.
  • Each booth is limited to one set.
Blogger Packs
  • Blogger packs are a REQUIRED part of setup.
  • Blogger pack items MUST BE Yes Copy/ No Transfer
Group Gifts
  • While Group Gifts are optional, they are highly encouraged for setup.
  • Items included in Group Gift packs must be set as Yes Copy/ No Transfer.
  • Group Gift boxes should be designated for the .::BellaTECH Nation::. group.
  • Any gift boxes assigned to the incorrect group will be returned.
  • Group Gifts do not necessarily have to be new or unique; pre-existing or recolored items are acceptable.
  • The initial 20 booths, 10 on each side of the circle, are reserved for gift creators.
  • Reserved Gift Booths operate on a first-come, first-served basis, emphasizing the importance of being ready at the beginning of the setup.
  • Gift creators arriving after the reserved gift booths are claimed must set up in regular spots.
  • In the event of multiple booths, a creator can only claim one of the 20 reserved gift spaces.
  • Creators with multiple booths are not allowed to reuse the same gift across all locations.
Event Pricing
  • Booth participation fee: L$2500, with one set per booth.
  • Participation fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable. 
  • Those wishing to sponsor must purchase a regular booth first and apply for a Sponsor spot after. If selected there is a L$1000 Sponsor Upgrade fee paid at setup.