Skydome Covenant

Welcome to Bella Pointe, your virtual luxury living community. To guarantee an exceptional living experience for our residents, we’ve crafted a straightforward Covenant. This collection of rules and guidelines ensures the happiness of our residents, maintains the pristine condition of our neighborhoods, and keeps everything running smoothly. As we strictly enforce our Covenant, we kindly request that you take a moment to carefully review it before choosing to rent with us. If you have any inquiries, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our management team through the Support Portal on our website.

General Policies

By renting one of our Skydomes you agree to follow our covenant and abide by its rules and guidelines. Please read the following information carefully before proceeding with your purchase.

◆ Residential use only. No commercial activity or public venues allowed.
+ NO Clubs
+ NO Stores
+ NO Galleries
+ NO Hotels
+ NO Weddings
+ NO Public Role Plays

Rental and Payment Policies

◆ The purchase price of the parcel is equal to one weeks rent and will be applied to the rental unit within 24 hours of purchase.

◆ Rent is nonrefundable.
+ Unused rent can be held in credit upon request.
+ Unused rent can be transferred to a new rental upon request.
+ Unused rent can be transferred to a another resident upon request.

◆ Residents are given a 3 day grace period on late rental payments.

Behavioral Guidelines

◆ Residents and their guests must respect their neighbors privacy.
+ No spying.
+ No entering domes uninvited.
+ No unauthorized screen shots.

◆ We maintain a zero tolerance policy when it comes to abusive behavior towards our Business, Staff or Residents. Threatening or abusive behavior will result in an immediate eviction without refund.

Vistitor Guidelines

◆ Residents are responsible for their guests behavior.

◆ Large Domes: No more than 12 visitors at any given time.

 ◆ Medium Domes: No more than 10 visitors at any given time.

◆ Small Domes: No more than 8 visitors at any given time.

◆ Petite Domes: No more than 6 visitors at any given time.

Additional Tenant Guidelines

◆ Residents are allowed up to 10 additional tenants.

◆ Residents are responsible for their additional tenants behavior.

◆ Additional tenants have limited control. Some powers are reserved for the Main tenant only.

Building Guidelines

◆ Objects and structures must remain within the skydome.

◆ No buildings or structures outside, below or above the skydome.

◆ Maximum recommended home sizes.
+ Large Domes: 74m x 64m (4,736 sqm)
+ Medium Domes: 61m x 43m (2,263 sqm)
+ Small Domes: 53m x 40m (2,120 sqm)
+ Petite Domes: 40m x 30m (1,200 sqm)

Prim Guidelines

◆ Extra prims are available upon request.
+ Subject to availability.
+ Additional prims can later be removed upon request.
+ Price of Extra prims is L$50 per week for every 50 added.
Extra prims are L$50 per week for every 50 added
+ No single rental may have more than 5000 total prims.

◆ Each Dome Size has a minimum prim count that cannot be lower.
+ Large Domes: 2000 Prims
+ Medium Domes: 1400 Prims
+ Small Domes: 700 Prims
+ Petite Domes: 300 Prims

◆ Residents over their prim limits will have their prim count and rental price raised to cover the over limit.

◆ Prims may only be rezzed by our tenants and their listed additional tenants. All other prims will be returned.

Media Guidelines

◆ Prim Media is utilized in our skydomes. Televisions or other objects requiring deeded parcel access are not permitted.

◆ Televisions or other objects requiring deeded parcel access are not permitted.

◆ Radio HUD included in Resident Pack for free. Residents control their music via their Radio HUD

◆ Basic Prim Media Television included in Resident Pack for free.

Pet and Breedable Guidelines

◆ No Plant Pets allowed.

◆ Breedables are allowed within certain limitations.
+ No more than 10 breedables per rental.
+ Animations and sounds must remain off.

Security Guidelines

◆ Security Orbs are provided by Management.

◆ Residents may not place their own security orbs.

◆ Not all features of the security orb may be accessed or altered by Residents. Some powers are available to only Management.

Region Maintenance Guidelines

◆ No weather systems allowed.

◆ No temp prim scripted items allowed.

◆ Objects causing excessive lag will be returned without prior notice to the owner.

◆ Rollbacks cannot be performed upon resident request and are not offered under any circumstance.

Advanced Payment Bonuses

◆ Advanced payment rental bonuses are available via the support portal.
+ Tickets must be filed via the Support Portal for payment to be arranged and the bonuses to be applied.
+ 13 week payments receive a 1 week bonus
+ 26 week payments receive an 2 week bonus
+ 52 week payments receive an 4 week bonus

Support and Management Guidelines

◆ Violation of the Covenant can result in an immediate eviction without warning or refund.

◆ Management is not responsible for items lost due to automatic eviction returns, item returns by staff or items lost due to grid issues.

◆ If you require assistance please use the support portal on our website. Our staff will be happy to help you solve any issues that may arise.