Land Parcels

Beautiful oceanfront parcels competitively priced with generous prim bonuses and breathtaking professional landscaping. Bella Pointe offers something far beyond the ordinary and welcomes our residents home to the extraordinary.

Land Parcel Size Prim Bonus Number of Prims Price Per Week
2048 m² Coastal 50% Bonus 937 L$799
4096 m² Coastal 50% Bonus 1875 L$1399
4096 m² Corner 50% Bonus 1875 L$1499
———————– —————- ———————— ———————
2048 m² Coastal 96% Bonus 1224 L$999
4096 m² Coastal 96% Bonus 2450 L$1899
4096 m² Corner 96% Bonus 2450 L$1999

Larger parcels available upon request. Please contact Starlet Whimsy

Customizable Skydomes

Available exclusively through Bella Pointe our expansive skydomes offer groundbreaking features found nowhere else. Make your home truly your own with customizable land, rock and water textures options.

Skydome Type Approximate Size Number of Prims Price Per Week
Large Full Region 1800 L$1499
Medium Half of Region 1200 L$999
Small Quarter of Region 600 L$499
Petite Sixth of Region 300 L$249

Extra prims available upon request. Please contact Starlet Whimsy

Discover the pinnacle of virtual living at Bella Pointe, a leader in Second Life real estate for over a decade. Our portfolio spans from cozy retreats to magnificent estates, all designed with elegance and functionality in mind. We offer unique Skydomes, allowing endless customization in a private, sky-high sanctuary. On land, our parcels feature professional landscaping with custom plants, providing a perfect blend of beauty and personalization.

Bella Pointe stands apart in the virtual world, offering luxury, innovation, and a strong sense of community. Our commitment to high-quality, customizable spaces ensures a distinctive and fulfilling living experience. Join our community and experience the difference of a Bella Pointe lifestyle, where your satisfaction is our priority and your virtual dreams come to life.