The Designer Outlet – Creators Guide


  • All Creators are welcomed to apply; original mesh is not required to participate in the Designer Outlet event. Our selection is made based on the quality and creativity of a Creator’s items and the quality of their ad images. We also take into consideration how well similar products have performed at past events.
  • Creators wishing to participate in the Designer Outlet MUST be able to meet strict deadlines and follow all instructions provided. Participants who regularly fail to meet deadlines or the event requirements as described below will be not be invited back.


  • Items MUST BE Yes Copy/ No Transfer.
  • Items MAY NOT be XXX or pornographic in nature. Furniture that features adult animations is permitted however no genitalia or sex acts should be shown on any images submitted.
  • Items MAY NOT be repeated more than once every 6 months at the event. 
  • Items MUST BE marked down at least 50% off from their normal sales price while at the event.
  • Items DO NOT need to be new or exclusive to the event. However we do encourage new releases where possible.


  • Vendor scripts are provided by the event and are REQUIRED for participation.
  • Creators are limited to 75 prims per booth and all items should be kept inside of the booth space at all times.
  • One item per vendor meaning that if what you are selling has several pieces to it they must be boxed together so that there is a single item inside the vendor for delivery.


  • Images MUST be submitted in PNG or JPG format. We cannot use TGA format photos as they are not browser compatible.
  • Images MUST be sent in at 1024 x 1024; any images not sent in at these dimensions will be auto-reformatted and compressed. Quality of the image may be decreased during this process so please be sure to submit the appropriate dimensions.
  • Images MUST include your store name at the front and numbered in order you wish them to be displayed on the shopping guide.
    Fanshii 01
    Fanshii 02
    Fanshii 03
  • Images MAY NOT be XXX or pornographic in nature; no genitalia or sex acts should be shown on any images submitted.


  • Setup for the Designer Outlet opens at 10am SLT on the 2nd of the month.
  • The setup deadline for the Designer Outlet is at 11:59pm SLT on the 4th of the month. In order for your setup to be complete you must have done the following:
    1. Completed your booth setup using the provided scripts
    2. Uploaded your properly named and correctly sized images HERE
  • Deadlines are enforced without exception. If you have not fully completed your setup as described above by the deadline then your store will not be included in the event. Refunds are not given for missed deadlines and we are unable to reschedule.


  • Event Management will test vendors, download ad images and prepare the shopping guide and other promotional material on the 5th immediately following the deadline so the event is ready for launch on the 7th.
  • If an issue is found with one of your vendors you will be notified early morning on the 5th and will be responsible for fixing any issues prior to the event opening.
  • Vendors will automatically turn themselves on the morning of the 7th at 12AM SLT (midnight) and turn themselves back off on the 28th at 11:59 PM SLT
  • Vendor booths will be cleared by management early morning on the 29th to avoid any confusion for shoppers that have missed the event.
  • To track sales Creators may touch any of their active vendors and select “View Sales” from the pop-up menu. We reccomend Creators bookmark this link for future use and do not share it with others.
  • Creators that would like to save their sales records are able to download their CSV files on 29th, or 30th following the event. Sales records are automatically purged from the system on the 1st of every month. 


  • Designer Outlet Applications open on the 10th of each month and ends on the 13th
  • Submitting an application DOES NOT guarantee that someone will receive a place at the event. The application form is simply a way of registering your interest in the event. 
  • Applications are reviewed by Management on the 14th of every month. Each application is processed in the order in which it was received.
  • Returning Creators are selected based on the variety, creativity and quality of items previously listed with the event as well as their past popularity with our customer base.
  • New Creators are selected based on the creativity and quality of their example items and the quality of their ad images. We also take into consideration how well similar products have performed at past events.
  • On the 14th of each month the new roster will be released on the website and participating Creators will receive a notecard from management letting them know they have been selected.
  • Once the roster has been released participating Creators will be expected to pay their participation fees in the Desginer Outlet Payment room before 11:59pm SLT on the 17th. Failure to pay the participation fees by the deadline means forfeiting your dates and they will be assigned to someone on our waiting list.
  • The Designer Outlet currently allows a max of 42 participants per round with a participation fee of L$3500 per round.