Secret Sale Sundays Creator’s Guide

Brands wishing to participate in the Secret Sale Sundays event must adhere to our Creators guide as describe below; this includes meeting all deadlines. We keep to a strict schedule to ensure the event runs as smoothly as possible. This means that all deadlines will be enforced without exception.



  • Creators MUST have confirmed their spot each week no later than 2 AM SLT every Thursday.
  • Creators MUST have their vendors and displays completed no later than 2 AM SLT Saturday for verification by staff.
  • Creators MUST have emailed their ad images to [email protected] no later than 2 AM SLT Saturday so that they may be added to the HUD and Blog.


  • Items DO NOT need to be new.
  • Items DO NOT need to be exclusive.


  • The vendors provided by the Event are REQUIRED for participation. NO other vendors may be used.
  • Creators MUST have a main store location to use for the event.
  • Displays MUST be easy for customers to locate.
  • Displays MUST include the Secret Sale Sundays Logo Board
  • In order to increase profit potential we encourage all Creators to place multiple vendors. However Creators MAY NOT place more than 10 individual vendors.


  • Images MUST be submitted in PNG or JPG format. We cannot use TGA format photos as they are not browser compatible.
  • Images MUST include your store name at the front. Example: Demicorn Alien Eyes.


  • Secret Sale Sundays vendors will AUTOMATICALLY set the price of the item at L$50
  • The original price of the item should be AT LEAST L$150 or higher.