Secret Sale Sundays Creator’s Guide

Brands wishing to participate in the Secret Sale Sundays event must adhere to our Creators guide as describe below; this includes meeting all deadlines. We keep to a strict schedule to ensure the event runs as smoothly as possible. This means that all deadlines will be enforced without exception.



    • Creators MAY NOT have more than one brand they own participate per weekly round.
    • Creators MUST submit their “Date Request” emails between the 18th and 21st of every month. 
    • Please email your date requests to [email protected] and use the following format when submitting your Date Request.List email Subject as “Secret Sale Sundays Date Requests” and include the following information:

      Legacy Username

      Store Name

      Your one or two preferred dates

      Your backup date

      If you would like to be added to the Sponsor waitlist

    • Date Requests will be reviewed on the 22nd of every month and will be processed in the order they were received. Sending in a Date Request DOES NOT guarantee a place at the event. 
    • Creators will be notified what, if any, dates were assigned to them on the 22nd after request processing and will then have until the 24th to pay their participation fees.
    • Particpation fees should be paid no later than 11:59pm SLT on the 23rd. Failure to pay participation fees before the 24th will mean forfeiting your assigned dates. Forfeited dates will be given to those on the waiting list for that month.
    • There is a hard cap of 35 total participants every month; 8 of which will be reserved as “Sponsor” spots.
    • Sponsor Brands will be given the option to participate in every round and listed at the front of the HUD but must commit to no repeats, place an emphasis on new releases when possible and pay a slightly higher fee at L$3500 rather than the normal L$2500.
    • Brands that would like to request a sponsor spot will be added to a waitlist. New spots will only be made available when a current Sponsor is no longer able to meet their commitments.
    • Sponsors are selected based on their current popularity with our shoppers, overall brand regconition and quality of their ads.


  • Items DO NOT need to be new.
  • Items DO NOT need to be exclusive.
  • Items MUST BE Yes Copy/ No Transfer
  • Items MUST NOT be repeated more than once every 3 months across all of our discount events. Meaning If you listed an item in either Secret Sale Sundays OR Dirty Discounts then you cannot list it again in either event for 3 months.


  • The vendors provided by the Event are REQUIRED for participation. NO other vendors may be used.
  • Creators MUST have a main store location to use for the event.
  • Displays MUST be easy for customers to locate.
  • Displays MUST include the Secret Sale Sundays Logo Board
  • Creators MAY NOT place more than 10 individual vendors.
  • Creators MUST have their vendors and displays completed no later than 2 AM SLT Saturday morning for verification by staff. If the vendors have not been setup by the deadline then youy will be unable to participate in that round.
  • Creators MUST have emailed their ad images to  [email protected] no later than 2 AM SLT Saturday morning so that they may be added to the HUD and Blog. If images are not submitted by the deadline then you will be unable to participate in that round.


  • Images MUST be submitted in PNG or JPG format. We cannot use TGA format photos as they are not browser compatible.
  • Images MUST include your store name at the front. Example: Demicorn Alien Eyes.


  • Secret Sale Sundays vendors will AUTOMATICALLY set the price of the item at L$50
  • The original price of the item should be AT LEAST L$150 or higher.