About The Event

Our goal with Secret Sale Sundays is to get shoppers back into the Creator’s Main Stores while boosting their sales on preexisting items. The idea is for the event to be a no hassle way for Creators to increase both traffic and revenue without adding to their already hectic work schedules. Since Creators are using a preexisting item currently available in their shop there is no need to spend hours brainstorming and days hunched over the keyboard creating something new just for us. Simply pick a preexisting item currently available in your shop worth over L$150, setup the Secret Sale Sunday Vendor at the front of your store and done! The entire process will take less than 10 minutes and the results will be well worth it as thousands of shoppers head to your main store to not only discover what item you’ve discounted that week but also to shop around and find what other treasures your main store might be hiding!

Now that you know how it will work for the Creators let me take a moment to explain how the event will work for shoppers! Every Sunday at the stroke of midnight a notice will go out to the BellaTECH Nation and Gimme Gacha groups alerting over 26,000 shoppers that the sale has begun and that they have only 24 hours to get in on the deals. In addition to these group notices we will also send direct marketing notecards to over 65,000 BellaTECH subscribers, blog the event on GimmeGacha.com and of course on cover the event on the BellTECH Nation blog as well. Once our customers have been notified that the sale has begun they simply wear the shopping guide HUD and can browse the items available from their homes. When they see something they like they click the image to teleport to your store and make their purchase. Its that simple!

If you are interested in participating in the event please submit an application and a member of our management team will review it within 4 weeks. Please be aware that due to the volume of applications we recieve for our events we will only contact successful applicants. Those not selected to participate in the event are welcomed to reapply at a later date or if there have been significant changes to their brands.