Welcome to Our Skydome Community Survey!

Hello! We’re thrilled to have you here. As a valued part of our community, your feedback is essential to us. We’re on a mission to enhance your experience in Second Life, and to do that, we need your insights.

This survey is all about understanding your needs, preferences, and how we can make your skydome experience even more magical. Whether it’s more customization options, better support, or additional features, your opinions will help shape the future of our skydomes.

It’ll only take a few minutes, and your responses will be kept confidential. As a token of our appreciation, all main tenants who complete this survey will automatically receive 2 free days added to their rental after their responses have been reviewed. Plus, every participant will be entered into a drawing to win L$5,000!

Thank you for helping us make our community the best it can be. Let’s get started!