How NextUP Vendors Work

  1. Every NextUp Vendor displays an ad image that clearly shows and labels the items available for purchase through that vendor. However which item will be available to purchase at any given times is completely randomozed. The item for sale only changes when the current item has been purchased or if more than 1 hour has elapsed since the last purchase was made.
  2. At the bottom of the vendor ad you will see a dynamic text display that will show you the number and name of the item currently available for purchase.
    Example: Buy Now:
                      01. Fanshii – Slumber Party – Pink Top
  3. Below that the dynamic text display will show what two items will be next available to purchase.
    Example: NextUP:
                      Fanshii – Slumber Party – Beanbag Chair Blue
                      Fanshii – Slumber Party – TV Table RARE
  4. When a customer pays the vendor it will automatically lock to them and deliver the item purchased. Once locked the dynamic text display above the vendor ad will change from “Vendor Available” to “Vendor In Use” and the text color will change from green to red. When the vendor locks it prevent other shoppers from sniping valuable items.
  5. After the vendor has locked the current cusomer will have 30 seconds to decide if they would like to make another purchase. During this period if another shopper attempts to make a purchase from the locked vendor it will be refunded.
  6. If no further purchases are made then the vendor will unlock and be made available to the public again. At that time the status display will change back to “Vendor Available” and the text color will return to green.
  7. If a vendor sits idle for over 60 minutes without a purchase the machine will automatically reroll the items available ensuring there is always something new up for grabs.

NextUP Events by BellaTECH

The Secret Garden

February – May – August – November

Enter the Secret Garden and discover a world of whimsy where fairies reign supreme and creativity is life; where dozens of new collectible and tradeable items await for you to discover them as you explore our enchanted grounds.

Harajuku Box

April 1st – 30th

Inspired by the colorful fashion of the Harajuku District, the fantastical world of Anime and the ever innovative pop culture of Japan. The Harajuku Box event offers vibrant fashion, decor and collectibles galore!


July 1st

Delve into the dynamic world of Comics, Pop Culture and Fantasy at this year’s NerdCON! Discover exciting new outfits, decor, collectibles and more all with fun funky themes inspired by the comics, films and books you love!

Age of Avalon

September 1st – 30th

Enter through the castle gates and explore the Queens court! Discover intricate fashion, ornate furnishings and collectibles fit for royalty! The Age of Avalon is here to enthrall you every Autumn with items inspired by the lore and legends of the middle ages!

The Halloween SPOOKtacular

October 1st – 31st 

Enter if you dare but shopper beware you are in for a frightening good time! Join us in the haunted forest every October for our Halloween SPOOKtacular where you will discoverr tricks and treats guaranteed to delight every member of the family!

The Yuletide Market

December 1st – 31st 

Celebrate the season of giving and find that special gift for every member of the family at the Yuletide Market! As you shop be sure to take time to enjoy our family friendly games, grab a hot chocolate and keep an eye out for Santa and his elves and his hungry reindeer!