NerdCON Creator’s Guide

Brands wishing to participate in NerdCON must adhere to our Creator’s guide as described below; this includes meeting all deadlines. We keep to a strict schedule to ensure the event runs as smoothly as possible. This means that all deadlines will be enforced without exception. Creators that fail to meet the deadline or theme requirements will not be allowed to participate in the event. 

  • Nerdcon requires AT LEAST one new item from each participating Creator. NO RECYCLED ITEMS will be permitted.
  • This is an OPEN BOOTH event meaning Creators are free to submit BOTH gachas and direct purchase items.
  • NO MORE than 1 gacha per booth.
  • NO MORE than 10 direct purchase items per booth.
  • Creators MAY HAVE BOTH a gacha and direct purchase items in a single both as long as all items are within theme and new.
  • Each Creator is allowed up to 50 PRIMS per booth.


  • NerdCON has a SPECIFIC THEME that Creators MUST adhere to. Any submission that does not fit the theme will be rejected.
  • Acceptable Themes – Comics, traditional, modern and webcomics. Science Fiction/Fantasy Movies, Television and Books related products. Horror. Animation, Anime, Manga. Toys and Board Games. Video Games. Collectible Card Games. Any other products and/or merchandise related to general Pop Culture and Entertainment.
  • To help our Creators better understand the acceptable themes as listed above our staff has created an event MOOD BOARD on Pinterest featuring over 900 images for inspiration.


  • ALL item permissions should be set to NO Copy/YES Transfer.
  • NO recycled gachas, all sets submitted to the event must be a new release. 
  • We require a MINIMUM of 1 rare for every 9 commons.
    For example if you have 5 common gachas in your set you must have at least 1 rare. However if you have 10 commons in your set then you must have at least 2 rares. 
  • Gacha sets MAY ONLY INCLUDE commons and rares. The event scripts do not support uncommon or ultra-rare items. 
  • All items must remain EXCLUSIVE for the duration of the event.
  • NO delivery vouchers or HUDs. Players should receive the actual item with correct permissions as described above.
  • Gachas should be priced NO HIGHER than L$75 per play. We reccomend pricing at L$50 per play.
  • Our gacha scripts do not allow a rare chance lower than 5%. However we RECCOMEND setting a rare chance of 8 – 10%.


  • Rare items must include the word “RARE” in the name of the object.
  • Please box ALL skins, tattoos or other non object or multi object items.
  • ALL items in your packaging must be No Copy/Yes Transfer.
  • NO unpacking scripts allowed. They do not work with gachas.


  • ALL items permissions should be set to YES Copy/NO Transfer.
  • All items must remain EXCLUSIVE for the duration of the event.
  • During the event prices for single items must be NO HIGHER than L$199 per item. Please price fatpacks accordingly.


  • Images should be SQUARE in order to be properly displayed on the machines and on our shopping guide.
  • Gacha Ad images should include and CLEARLY LABEL all items in the set. 


  • Items and/or Gachas loaded into the vendors/machine.
  • Ad Images uploaded to the website.
  • Blogger box setup in the blogger room.
  • Gift box setup and set to the .::BellaTECH Nation::. group