Beautiful Gacha Boutiques catering to every taste imaginable! Explore our expansive downtown with family & friends to discover unique & collectible items for every member of the group! The Gimme Gacha Shops span two full regions and feature over 60 shops offering thousands of amazing deals to satisfy every taste imaginable! Our friendly Shopkeepers are constantly updating their stock so check back often as there is always something new to discover!

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Become a Gimme Gacha Shopkeeper

Do you love gachas? Do you have WAY too many? Are you organized? Do you love decorating? If your answer was a resounding YES to all of the above then you would make an amazing Gimme Gacha Shopkeeper!

Our Shopkeepers are not just renters they are members of a supportive community of fellow gacha addicts all ready to answer your questions, direct you to the latest events, give advice and build new friendships! In addition to the shop itself as a Gimme Gacha Shopkeeper you would gain access to perks found nowhere else on the grid.

  • Exclusive advertising rights to the .::Gimme Gacha::. group giving our Shopkeepers direct access to over 23,000 gacha shoppers.
  • Access to the GachaVend system, allowing Shopkeepers to track sales, verify purchases and confirm delivery of items.

Ready to become a Gimme Gacha Shopkeeper?  Check out our Rules & Policies first! 

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