Gimme Gacha Shops Rules & Policies

General Policies

  • We have a ZERO tolerance policy for aggressive or threatening behavior towards our vendors/tenants, customers, employees, company and community. Threatening behavior will be met with an immediate and permanent ban from all BellaTECH owned Groups, Regions and Events.
  • Shops located on Gimme Gacha Central and Gimme Gacha East are for GACHA RESALE ONLY. If you are looking for store space for your own original creations please take a look at our listings for Downtown Bella Pointe.
  • We do not allowed multiple tenants in our smaller locations; ONE AVATAR per shop on any location under 750 Prims.
  • A max of TWO AVATARS per location for any shop with 750 or more prims. To add an additional tenant to your shop please submit a support ticket HERE and member of our staff will handle the request within 72 hours.
  • NO Hovertext; unfortunately hovertext shows through walls and can intrude upon your neighbors shops. As such we do not allow it for any reason.
  • NO donation boxes or tipjars allowed. This includes both personal and charity kiosks.
  • NO LM givers to locations outside of the Gimme Gacha Shops Regions; LMs to locations on Gimme Gacha Central or East are fine.
  • NO items with sound. If an item plays sounds you MUST mute it. If this is not possible it may not be rezzed. Noise pollution is no fun. Your neighbors and their customers should not have to listen to non-stop noises from your shop.

Shop Setup 

  • Shops MUST remain active and well stocked. Neglected or empty shops will be considered abandoned and reclaimed.
  • Shops MUST be organized, easy to browse and visually appealing. Our shops are not meant to be dumping grouns for random gachas.
  • Decor should remain LIMITED AND WITHIN REASON. The majority of items rez should be for sale. Shelving, potted plants, sales counter, false walls and floors to customize your space and store signs. These are the sort of items that are permitted.
  • Exterior decor is LIMITED to items like logo signs, small planters or sandwichboards. Decor items may NOT block the walk way or extend in front of other shops. Any exterior decor found to be inappropriate or obstructive will be returned by management without warning
  • For Sale items may NOT be placed outside on the sidewalks. All items must remain INSIDE your shop.
  • Shopkeepers are ALLOWED to place a prim link to their MP store in their shop however they MAY NOT share the link in chat.

Issues and Reclaims

  • All rental payments are final. Refunds are not given on prepaid time. 
  • If a shop’s rental is past due management will extend a 72 hour grace period after which the shop will be reclaimed. If the rental is marked as “will not renew” or appears empty no grace period will be given.
  • If a shop goes over their current prim limit management will adjust the price and prim count to cover the overage.
  • Shopkeepers that repeatedly violate our rules will have their shops reclaimed without refund.
  • Management is not responsible for items lost due to automatic eviction returns, item returns by staff or items lost due to grid issues. Please be sure to thoroughly read all of our policies before placing items. We also recommend checking the Second Life Status Blog to ensure the grid is not having issues before placing “no copy” items.
  • If Shopkeepers experience issues they are able to submit a support ticket HERE. Support tickets are generally answered within 48 -72 hours.