How To Play, The Gacha Garden Explained!

Our players are what make the Gacha Garden possible and it is their loyalty and enthusiasm that continues to inspire our team of Creators each and every round. As our way of saying thank you to those that support us the Gacha Garden includes exclusive rewards for our most enthusiastic patrons. Our system is simple; play as you normally would, keep the items you have won and receive special limited edition exclusives as our thank you for your patronage! Here is how it works:

  • Every machine at the event includes an exclusive limited edition item that cannot be purchased and that will be retired at the end of the round. These items are called the “Seeds of Imagination” or SOI for short!
  • In order to be eligible to receive the special limited edition SOI on any given machine a player must make 20 pulls on that machine. As with a normal gacha machine the player will receive 1 random gacha with every single pull.
  •  Once the player has completed their 20 pulls they will be gifted, in addition to the normal gachas they received, the special limited edition SOI.
  • Players are not limited to just one copy of the exclusive either! If a player were to make 40 pulls they would receive 2 exclusives, if they made 60 pulls they would receive 3 and so on. 
  • These special exclusives come as transferable so if a player ends up playing a machine a lot and ends up with several copies they are able to share, trade or gift the extras as they please!