Filthy good deals that will leave you all hot and bothered! Dirty Discounts offers amazing new deals every week on sexy, naughty and adult themed items to spice up your Second Life! Every Friday at midnight the Dirty Discounts shopping guide HUD will update to reveal our latest deals! Best of all every single item on the shopping guide will be discounted all the way down to ONLY L$69! But you better move fast because these discounts only last 24 hours! 


  1. First grab your copy of the Dirty Discounts HUD from our in-world HQ located >HERE<
  2. Then! EVERY Friday just wear the HUD and it will automatically update to our latest shopping guide!
  3. Next! Scroll through the images until you find something naughty you just have to have and then click the image to teleport to the store.
  4. Once you arrive follow the red beacon to find the Dirty Discount vendors to purchase the item for only L$69
  5. When you are ready for more just continue scrolling through the HUD then rinse and repeat steps 1-4!

And remeber! These deals ONLY LAST 24 HOURS! Once the event ends so do the discounts!