Dirty Discounts Creator’s Guide

Brands wishing to participate in the Dirty Discounts event must adhere to our Creators guide as describe below; this includes meeting all deadlines. We keep to a strict schedule to ensure the event runs as smoothly as possible. This means that all deadlines will be enforced without exception.



  • Creators MAY NOT have more than one brand they own participate per round. Spots are very limited and it is unfair for one person to take multiple spots per week. Creators are welcomed to rotate their brands but no more than one per week.
  • Creators MUST have their vendors and displays completed no later than 2 AM SLT Thursday for verification by staff.
  • Creators MUST have emailed their ad images to [email protected] no later than 2 AM SLT Thursday so that they may be added to the HUD and Blog.


  • Items DO NOT need to be new.
  • Items DO NOT need to be exclusive.
  • Items MUST BE Yes Copy/ No Transfer
  • Items MUST fall into one of the following categories

1. Clothing & Accessories
a) Provocative Street Clothes; short skirts, plunging necklines, sexy clubwear or other revealing clothing
b) Lingerie; bras, panties, bikinis, bralettes, bustiers, camisoles, chemises, corsets, garters or other lingerie
c) Accessories; shoes, collars, chokers, piercings or other accessories with a sexy or provocative theme
d) Provocative or revealing Costumes
e) BDSM or Fetish themed clothing

2. Avatar Appearance
a) Skins
b) Cosmetics
c) Hairs
d) Tattoos
e) Nails
f) Erotic attachments

3. Furniture
a) XXX Animated Furniture; any style or type of furniture is permitted as long as it includes XXX animations. To round out the items offered Creators may also submit matching decor items. For example: Bedroom set that includes a XXX animated bed and matching nightstands, lamps, rugs and photo frames. Only the bed needs to be XXX the other items can be matching support pieces to complete the look.
b) BDSM or Fetish Themed Furniture and Decor

If the items you wish to submit are not specifically listed but you believe they fit the overall theme of the event please contact Starlet Whimsy


    The vendors provided by the Event are REQUIRED for participation. NO other vendors may be used.

    Creators MUST have a main store location to use for the event.

    Displays MUST be easy for customers to locate.

    Displays MUST include the Dirty Discounts Logo Board

    In order to increase profit potential we encourage all Creators to place multiple vendors. However Creators MAY NOT place more than 10 individual vendors.


    Images MUST be submitted in PNG or JPG format. We cannot use TGA format photos as they are not browser compatible.

    Images MUST include your store name at the front. Example: Demicorn Alien Eyes.


    Dirty Discounts vendors will AUTOMATICALLY set the price of the item at L$69

    The original price of the item should be AT LEAST L$200 or higher.