Dirty Discounts HUD Help

If you are having trouble loading your HUD please follow the steps below:

  1. First go to the Avatar Menu at the top left of your viewer, then down to Preferences.
  2. Select the Sound & Media tab on the left, then the Sounds tab.
  3. Next to the slider for Media, make sure the Enabled box is checked.
  4. Next click the Media tab above, and make sure that the “Allow inworld scripts to play media” option is checked.
  5. Now click ok, and then click on the HUD again to load the store list!
  6. Still not loading? If media is checked, usually its just the viewers media plugin acting up. Please detach the hud, relog, then attach it again and you should be all set!!

If none of the above steps work then you may have a firewall blocking SL Prim Media from functioning properly. In this case please use our Web HUD instead.