BellaTECH Bloggers Guide

Bloggers wishing to participate in the BellaTECH Bloggers program must adhere to our Blogger’s Guide as described below; this includes meeting all deadlines, post minimums and item requirements. We keep to a strict schedule and enforce all requirements withoug exception to ensure the blog runs as smoothly as possible.


  • Bloggers are not required to maintain an independent website they post to. All BellaTECH Bloggers will have a contributor account created for our website and will be REQUIRED to use this account to post their submissions onto our official blog.
  • Bloggers MUST join the BellaTECH Nation Flickr Group and add ALL submission photos with the appropriate information and links to the group. 


  • Bloggers must submit a MINIMUM of 3 new posts per blogging session.
  • Each post must prominently feature AT LEAST 2 items from the current event.
  • A link to the current event should be provided at the TOP of the post body.
  • Featured items must be CLEARLY credited within the body of the post.


  • Blog Submission 1 is due by the 7th of each month
  • Blog Submission 2 is due by the 14th of each month
  • Blog Submission 3 is due by the 21st of each month
  • Posts submitted after the deadlines will NOT count towards our minimum requirements.
  • For a more detailed look at our yearly blogger schedule please see the link in the menu below.