BellaTECH Media Support

Thank you for choosing BellaTECH Media; your number one source for legal digital entertainment in the Second Life metaverse! If you are experiencing issues with one of our media devices please take a moment to go through the simple step by step troubleshooting instructions provided below. Once you have completed these steps your devices should start working correctly!

Troubleshooting Instructions

  1. Open the Avatar menu at the top left of your viewer
  2. Select Preferences
  3. Select the Sound & Media section
  4. Select the Sounds tab
  5. Tick the enabled box next to the Media Volume Slider
  6. Click OK

Once these steps are complete all BellaTECH Media devices as well as all other prim media devices inside of Second Life should work correctly. If the steps above does not help you may have an issue with your firewall or other settings on your PC that are blocking in world media from working correctly. Unfortunately we are unable to troubleshoot firewall or personal computer setting issues.