Land Parcel Covenant

Welcome to Bella Pointe; a virtual luxury living community. In order to help ensure that our Residents have the best living experience possible we have created an easy to follow Covenant! This set of rules and guidelines keeps our Residents happy, the neighborhoods pristine and the regions running smoothly! As our Covenant is strictly enforced please take a moment to read through it carefully before renting with us. If you have any questions please contact Management using the Support Portal found on our website.

General Policies

By Purchasing a land parcel you agree to follow our covenant and abide by its rules and guidelines. Please read the following information carefully before proceeding with your purchase.

◆ Residential use only. No commercial activity or public venues allowed.
+ NO Clubs
+ NO Stores
+ NO Galleries
+ NO Hotels
+ NO Weddings
+ NO Public Role Plays

Rental and Payment Policies

◆ The purchase price of the parcel is equal to one weeks rent and will be applied to the rental unit within 24 hours of purchase.

◆ Rent is nonrefundable.
+ Unused rent can be held in credit upon request.
+ Unused rent can be transferred to a new rental upon request.
+ Unused rent can be transferred to a another resident upon request.

◆ Residents are given a 3 day grace period on late rental payments.

Behavioral Guidelines

◆ Residents and their guests must respect their neighbors privacy.
+ No spying.
+ No entering parcels uninvited.
+ No unauthorized screen shots.

◆ We maintain a zero tolerance policy when it comes to abusive behavior towards our Business, Staff or Residents. Threatening or abusive behavior will result in an immediate eviction without refund.

Vistitor Guidelines

◆ Residents are responsible for their guests behavior.

◆ No more than 20 visitors at any given time per parcel.

Environmental Guidelines

◆ Landscaping is allowed however the theme may not be changed.
+ Tropical parcels must remain tropical.
+ Forested parcels must remain forested.

◆ The included landscaping may be kept or removed.
+ Included Landscaping counts against your parcel’s prim limit if kept.
+ Management can return parcels to original landscaping upon request.
+ All re-landscaping will be subject to a L$500 service fee paid in advance.

◆ Terraforming is allowed.
+ Land changes may not negatively effect or alter neighboring parcels.
+ Land terraforming height is limited to +/- 3m and cannot be changed.

◆ No Banlines. Security Orbs are allowed as long as they do not message beyond the parcel boundaries.

Building Guidelines

◆ No buildings or structures taller than 20 m.

◆ Objects and structures must remain within parcel boundaries.

◆ No buildings or structures closer than 4m to the parcel boundary. This means no building or structure can be larger than 60m x 60m however a max of 40 x 40m is reccomended.

◆ No privacy screens allowed. Fences may not exceed 5m in height.

◆ All structures, landscaping and exterior decor must remain within theme.

Skybox Guidelines

◆ No Skyboxes below 500m.

◆ Dimensions on any sky structure may not exceed 60 x 60m.

◆ All objects placed in the sky must remain with your parcels ground borders.

Pet and Breedable Guidelines

◆ No Plant Pets allowed.

◆ Breedables are allowed within certain limitations.
+ No more than 10 breedables per parcel.
+ Animations and sounds must remain off.

Region Maintenance Guidelines

◆ No weather systems allowed.

◆ No temp prim scripted items allowed.

◆ Objects causing excessive lag will be returned without prior notice to the owner.

◆ Rollbacks cannot be performed upon resident request and are not offered under any circumstance.

Support and Management Guidelines

◆ Violation of the Covenant can result in an immediate eviction without warning or refund.

◆ Management is not responsible for items lost due to automatic eviction returns, item returns by staff or items lost due to grid issues.

◆ If you require assistance please use the support portal on our website. Our staff will be happy to help you solve any issues that may arise.