Looking for a new and exciting way to collect and trade? Welcome to NextUP – the perfect place to discover, trade, and enjoy unique collectibles!

At NextUP, we make collecting easy. Our awesome conveyor belt system shows you the current item for sale and the next two in line, but what comes next up? Well, that’s a surprise! Each purchase reveals a new item, adding to the excitement of building and completing your collections.

Come to the event this month and explore fun, unique sets, featuring everything from new rare gems to timeless classics. With NextUP, you’re in control – keep your finds, trade with others in the BellaTECH Nation group, or even start a resell shop for your duplicates. The possibilities are endless!

Plus, BellaTECH Nation members enjoy exclusive perks at the event, including gifts just for being part of our community. It’s our way of saying thank you.

Join the NextUP community and begin your collecting adventure today. Discover the joy of the hunt, connect with fellow collectors, and see what unique finds await you. Don’t miss out – dive into NextUP now!


Using our NextUP machines is easy and fun! Here’s how:

  1. Check the Display: The machine shows if it is available or in use, and the current item for sale. It also displays the next two items on the conveyor belt.
  1. Make a Purchase: If you want to buy the item, just pay the machine. The display will switch to “in use,” and your item will be delivered.
  1. Next Up: After delivery, the display updates with the next item in line, revealing what is available to purchase and showing the item next up. You have 30 seconds to decide if you want to buy it. If so, just pay the machine again.
  1. Timeout: If you don’t buy within 30 seconds, the machine unlocks and is available for others.

Every machine might look a bit different, but all the information you need is always there. Enjoy collecting with NextUP!

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