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Salt&Pepper Ella – bikini & net dress Iteractive Hud Dry/Wet available in solid packs (16 colors) and prints packs (16 colors) – it’s Fatpack sold per body
The Original Aquasense, turns wet when it gets in contact with SL default water or S&P Aquasense water gun & shower (sold separately), drips and dries in the sun, or quick dry yourself with the included towel!
Now new at Equal10

Peas Glaze my DOnut – 3 packs with poses and hud with 5 icing changes and 15 small flowers and 15 pearl textures, 4 holdable pose for each
Now at Next Up Secret Garden:
– DUST – Beachmobile- wearable, driveable vehicle, Rainbow – rare
– DUST – Dolphin Bumper Boats, driveable in SL water, shoot water, funny sound, 8 commons, 1 uncommon and Glitter rare
– INKME – Flamingo Bedroom Set

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Made with help of The Ultimate Multiscene at Mystical Rentals Rezzed Scene: Barbie
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