Sometimes when it rains it pours. I am focusing on the rays of sunlight at the end of the storm. Until then will you keep me company in this storm?

Story Time: I have neglected my photography. Last night I decided I needed to get back to it. When I was wondering about the sim for a spot I saw this payphone and had a good laugh. Maroon 5 – Payphone has been on a loop for me while doing this post. I have gotten a bit into gaming lately. League of Legends and this one champion named Yuumi. It’s a magical cat. Half the people hate her. But, I have seen the funniest clips of a gamer playing Yuumi while singing Payphone. When I saw the pay phone on the sim it was like an instant, “YES!”. This turned out better than I thought it would have for a quick snap. Thanks for all the support my fellow, residents! <3

📷 What’s She Wearing? – Bliss Primdashian – Flickr

Head: Lelutka

Body: Legacy

Hair: Stealthic

Skin: The Skinnery

Make-Up Lips: Tres Beau

Make-Up Cheeks: Veechi

Enhancements: Izzie’s & Pretty Liars

Clothes: Candy Doll & Dead Dollz

Accessories: Hive

Necklace: KIbitz

📷 Have an Adventure:

SIM: Green Story – Payphone


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