At Bella Pointe we understand that prims equal money and during this difficult economic time money is tight for all of us. To support our residents and relieve the burden in some small way, we have decided to give all of our Skydomes a FREE prim bonus. As we have several thousand tenants and each rental unit must be manually adjusted we expect it will take roughly 7-10 days for the change to go live for all of our residents so please be patient as our staff works to launch these new changes. 

Skydome Type Approximate Size Old Prim Count New Prim Count Price Per Week
Large Full Region 1500 1800 L$1499
Medium Half of Region 1000 1200 L$999
Small Quarter of Region 500 600 L$499
Petite Sixth of Region 250 300 L$249


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  1. varndavar

    what a considerate and wonderful thing to do for us.
    Thank you sincerely.

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