Now at Next Up The Secret Garden Event till 30th September:

[C.Y<3Fashion] *OLD WILD WEST* Next Up Set – Outfit Male and Female with props and furniture:
24-[C.Y<3Fashion]*OLD WILD WEST*Barrels
05-[C.Y<3Fashion]*OLD WILD WEST*Piano
19-[C.Y<3Fashion]*OLD WILD WEST*Table
[C.Y<3Fashion]*OLD WILD WEST*WOMAN Chair
22-[C.Y<3Fashion]*OLD WILD WEST*Poker
18-[C.Y<3Fashion]*OLD WILD WEST*Carriage Cart

Ever Green: Orchard Harvest – Menu driven furniture
Orchard Harvest – Orchard Square
Orchard Harvest – Apple Tree Birdfeeder

DRD – Wild west Fairbooth – Downtown big B
DRD – Wild west Fairbooth -Town big A
DRD – Wild west Fairbooth – Downtown big F
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S-CLUB EMILY hairstyle – 200722
[ rD ] Aphrodite Necklace

Thanks to Dark and Ross for posing for me! Hugs♥


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