The Halloween SPOOKtacular 2021

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Enter if you dare but shopper beware you are in for a frightening good time! Join us in the haunted forest every October for our Halloween SPOOKtacular where you will discoverr tricks and treats guaranteed to delight every member of the family!

The event opens at noon on October 1st until October 31st! To find out what our Creators have in store this round take a look at the Shopping Guide below.

Click HERE to visit the event!

NextUp Vendors: How To Play

The NextUp vendor plays very much like traditional event machines, with just a couple of slight changes! At the top of the vendor there is a display that shows whether the vendor is available or if it is in use, and the current item that is available to purchase.

If you wish to purchse the item, just pay the vendor! The vendor will then switch to vendor in use as you are playing, and will deliver your item. Once delivered the display will update with the next item available to purchase. You then have 30 seconds to take a look and see if you wish to make the purchase. If you do just pay the vendor and keep playing!

If you do not make a purchase within 30 seconds, the vendor unlocks and the display switches to say its available for everyone to play again. Thats it!



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