In the most remote dark forest a witch could be preparing a position for you!!

All decor items are exclusive to the Gachaland October round event.

1. Gacha Name: Solitary Wiccan; Store: {Why Not?}.

-Lonely Wiccan Hut RARE,
-RARE Lone Wiccan Shelf,
-Solitary Wiccan Suspended Shelf,
-Floor shelf,
-Solitary Wiccan Table,
-Solitary Wiccan Rugs,
-Solitary Wiccan Floor Candle,
-Solitary Wiccan table candles,
-Lonely Wiccan Potion Rack,
-Solitary Wiccan Spell Book and Pen,
-Solitary Wiccan Open Spell Book,
-Solitary Wiccan Scrolls,
-Solitary Wiccan Candles,
-Solitary Wiccan Secret Box,
-Bridget Bath Sink Mat,
-Lonely Wiccan Snake Bottle.

2. Gacha Name: Funny Skeletons; Store: InkMe.

-Funny Skeleton #10,
-Funny Skeleton #07,
-Funny Skeleton #03.

3. Gacha Name: Wicket Tip Jars; Store: Lady Sunshine.

-Gravesite #4.