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Play with the best!

1. Rassuel Presents ” Playstage 5 Gacha”  for The Imaginarium Event.  

This gacha contains the following Items:

  • Table,
  • Tv,
  • Headset Stand,
  • Headset Wearable,
  • Remote Control,
  • Symbol Stand,
  • Camera,
  • Bento Couch,
  • Unit and Speakers,
  • Playstate 5 (RARE),
  • Joystick ,
  • Joystick Charging Stand and Joystick Wearable (Male Holding Pose).

2.Baby Sunshine presents her Pug Pals Voomba Vacuum Gacha  The Imaginarium Event.

-Check the event’s flickr BellaTECH.

-The official blog: The Imaginarium Event.